5 Most Popular Rustic Bathroom Ideas on Pinterest in 2017

Rustic Bathroom Ideas.png

Are you looking for ways to spruce up your rustic bathroom? One of the best places to look for ideas is on Pinterest. We took some of the labor out of this for you and found this year’s most popular rustic bathroom ideas. Here they are in one place!

  1. Galvanized Bucket Shelving

Galvanized Bucket Shelves.jpg


There are a million and one ways to reuse a small galvanized bucket. Have you seen this awesome shelving yet? Basically, you just add hanging hardware and bolt-in a couple boards of your favorite wood for a country-perfect bathroom shelf. This will work with any color scheme and be used to hold hand towels, toilet paper, small plants, and even pictures.

  1. Reclaimed Barn Wood Storage

Barn Wood Toilet Paper Storage.jpg


People love that old barn wood. And it doesn’t look like they’re going to stop loving it anytime soon. It doesn’t matter if it’s shelving, towel racks, or cabinets, barn wood is still one of the most popular materials used for creating rustic-feeling storage in your bathroom. Because of the moisture, it’s a good idea to treat any barnwood used in your bathroom area.

  1. Galvanized Sheet Metal Walls

Glavanized Sheet Metal Walls.jpg


You can buy galvanized sheet metal from Lowes or Home Depot, or you can reclaim it from dilapidated or demolished buildings. Either way, it makes a great shower wall for your rustic bathroom. To keep it from rusting too much, add a coat of varnish to all sides of your metal before hanging. Use clear caulk around your bolts and flush edges where the metal sheets touch the floor, ceiling, and wall to keep water from seeping through. .

  1. Wine Barrel Sink

Wine Barrel Sink.jpg


What makes a better rustic sink than an old wine barrel? Pinners don’t seem to think anything does. Hang your plumbing from the wall or directly inside the barrel. Add a metal, glass, or porcelain bowl with a drain to the top of the cabinet. As with any barnwood used in your bathroom, a wooden wine barrel will require treatment to keep it from molding.

  1. Upcycled Mason Jars

Upcycled Mason Jars.jpg


Yes, mason jars are still a popular decor item among Pinners. You might say this is a timeless way to store your liquid soap, cotton balls, swabs, and other small toiletries around the bathroom. Drill holes in the top of the jars and add some old furniture knobs or soap dispenser straw to them for any need or color scheme. You can even turn an old pickle jar into a high-end looking container with a little creativity.


The beauty of rustic decor is that it doesn’t age. If you choose this classic scheme for your bathroom, and you take care to keep it in excellent condition, you may never have to remodel. Some of the rustic bathroom designs you see on Pinterest look like they’re straight out of an old western movie, and there’s a chance this will always stay in style. Use the ideas above to create an at-home feel in your space. Shop for the perfect switch plate cover for your rustic bathroom today.

3rd Aug 2017 Ashley